ABILENE, Texas (BigCountryHomepage.com) – This past week, we’ve taken a look at the stories you’ve been clicking on and caring about the most. The fate of a million-dollar home in South Abilene continues to keep your attention, plus more reports or allegations of crimes in the city. Here is this week’s Big Country Beat.

This week’s top 5 in BCH’s Big Country Beat weekly countdown

For the second week in a row, a million-dollar half-built home in a South Abilene neighborhood continues to be a hot topic for our readers. That doesn’t even account for the attention it has from the city’s Board of Building Standards – which still can’t decide whether or not to demolish the incomplete house.

There’s said to be a buyer, but the neighborhood’s HOA remains doubtful of the so-called “eyesore.”

After an Abilene homeowner’s property caught fire early Tuesday morning, the flames hitting its neighbor, he said he doesn’t think this was any accident.

“He wouldn’t pay me the rent and I asked him to move dozens of times… “He’s out and out threatened me, telling me he’s gonna burn my house down, and said nobody else is gonna live there,” said the landlord.

Both the newsroom and Abilene’s residents have noticed a new trend coming out of our daily crime reports (compiled off of incident and arrest reports the Abilene Police Department sends us each week day): An uptick in public nudity.

For the most part, our commenters are blaming the miserably hot summer we’re having in lieu of the offenders. This week, a woman was arrested after she was reportedly found wandering the halls of a local hotel, completely naked.

Over the weekend, a rumor was seen all around Abilene Facebook pages of a person ran over at a nightclub. Police confirmed that a young lady was hit by an SUV outside of Tequila’s Night Club just after 1:00 a.m. Sunday.

“Witnesses say the girl was crossing the street when a dark-colored SUV hit her and continued going without stopping,” a press release revealed.

The teen’s family said she’s recovering, but they’re still searching for answers.

It was really no surprise at all that this article was the most read online this week.

A little back story: APD’s former police chief, Marcus Dudley, rendered his resignation this March. Afterwards, BCH filed a Freedom of Information Act request. Months later, we received several reports from APD employees against the former chief.

In these documents, Marcus Dudley is accused of prioritizing a mounted patrol unit over other police department needs, having officers drive his children around and run errands for him, creating a hostile work environment, and practicing gender discrimination.

Hours after this article was published, the former chief sent in a statement in response to the reports. In it, he called the accusations “meritless /unfounded.”