ABILENE, Texas (BigCountryHomepage.com) – It was a week full of traffic terror. We lost the lives of two Big Country teens, and others are thankful to be alive after a freak accident. Every week, we take a look at the stories our readers and viewers are diving into the most for Big Country Beat.

This week’s top 5 in BCH’s Big Country Beat weekly countdown

It seems like mixed anticipation surrounding the all new Dark Horse Dance Hall set to open in the SoDA District in November. Regardless, across the KTAB and KRBC Facebook pages, we received more than 1,400 reactions, comments, and shares about the 21+ country western dance hall and bar. Some are getting ready to put on their boots and scoot, but others said they’d prefer a dance hall with a better mix of music.

BigCountryHomepage.com has continued to cover the death investigation and journey to justice of Priscilla Limon for the past two years.

In latest developments, two of the four suspects have received their prison sentences last Friday. That is 22 years for George Frosch and 35 years for Blake Britner. Remaining suspects, Ashley Alains and Roger Wilson still await their sentences.

There was a healthy mix of comments after reporter Noah McKinney released a story about the family of a Hamlin police officer going to city council because they said Officer Joseph Benavides faced retaliation after pulling over a well known businessman.

2. Two crashes take lives of De Leon, Snyder teenagers

Our number two most clicked story is actually two different articles.

First, investigators said a 16-year-old was “likely intoxicated” when he crashed his vehicle into a bridge and soon after died due to his injuries.

The next article was on a 19-year-old from De Leon. He reportedly lost control of his pickup truck, ran into a tree, then passed away.

The most visited article on BigCountryHomepage.com this week was an alert of backed up traffic on I-20 in Callahan County.

We soon found out what happened was a semi-truck had blown a tire, swerved between the east and west lanes of the interstate, hitting that long cable dividing the two sections. That cable went on to whip through two other vehicles traveling east. Very luckily, everyone survived.