ABILENE, Texas (BigCountryHomepage.com) – A rarity; crime news did not make up a bulk of this week’s Big Country Beat. Instead, our readers have been interested in some good news like a local teenager winning a huge prize in barrel racing and a new business growing from passion. Here’s this week’s Big Country Beat!

This week’s top 5 in BCH’s Big Country Beat weekly countdown

The Brownwood Police Department were called to look into reports of a threat made to Walmart customers and employees Saturday night, October 28. After evacuating the store and investigating, authorities determined there were no threats.

It’s always a warm welcome when good news makes it into the top five! 19-year-old Allie Murphy from Snyder was named top performer at The Texan Barrel Race, a new rodeo event that debuted at the Taylor County Expo Center October 16.

As reporter Noah McKinney discovered, this was a much-deserved winning. Murphy has been training since she was a young girl.

A highly anticipated dance hall is officially open in Abilene’s SoDA District. It’s ran by an Abilene couple, Madison Holeman and Reid Burton, who said they were inspired by their passion for dancing to being this new adventure.

The Dark Horse Dance Hall‘s main selling point is that not only does it offer dance lessons for beginners, but promises music to be played at a more manageable decibel than other nightlife locations.

Cross Plains ISD received some backlash after hosting a performance group with a controversial member.

Apparently, after Echo Dance Team performed a routine for students that had anti-bullying and anti-substance abuse messages, one of the performers identified as James with JLine Music, asked high students to follow him on Instagram. Parents later found his social media to be “very disturbing.”

The school system issued a statement saying that it would be more vigilant when vetting performers in the future.

It’s a no-brainer that this report would be number one on web. Last week, Billye Brown was arrested after the 1982 double homicide of his wife and her daughter. Abilene police credit the arrest to DNA technology advancements.

For bonus measure, Reporter Ashly Ibarra spoke with current occupants of the home where the murders took place: ‘There’s something here’: Abilene couple learn they live in home of 1982 double homicide

Brown was taken to the Taylor County Jail on two Murder charges, and has since bonded out.