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Every Friday evening, BCH’s Karley Cross will host a segment called “Big Country Beat.” The segment focuses only on local news of the Big Country, spotlighting the top five of the week.

This week’s top 5 in BCH’s Big Country Beat weekly countdown

Abilene Planning & Zoning denies request to change Wylie street name

BCH’s Noah McKinney brought us details on Wednesday about a request from the Abilene-Taylor County 911 District’s request to change a Wylie neighborhood’s street name because there is another street by the same identifier.

While residents understand the issue posed, the majority shared in an Abilene Planning and Zoning meeting that they are not convinced the issue is pressing enough to go through the trouble of completely changing their addresses.

The Planning and Zoning Commission voted to deny the street name change, stopping the request from advancing to the city council.

Is it legal to break a window to rescue a dog from a hot car? Texas DPS and Abilene animal services explain dangers & consequences

Abilene’s Animal Services told BCH they get a handful of calls about animals in hot cars every day. In search of a solution, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) said people should just call 9-1-1.

Someone who breaks into a car to save an animal can be charged with criminal mischief or property damage, and people who leave animals in danger can also be charged.

Sergeant Couch with Texas DPS said it best, “Texas is a hot state, and whether you’re keeping your children or dog in there, it’s- the vehicle’s a very dangerous place to leave anybody during the summertime.”

From left to Right: Frederick Johnson, Deshawn McDonald, Gabriel Martinez, Jaquon Thompson, and Jeremiah Martinez.

Four men were arrested Monday, accused of being known members of the ‘[sic] Money Chasin Forever Crip gang,’ making five total arrests in connection to an ongoing THC and marijuana dealing operation in Abilene, according to court documents.

The four arrested were being held in the Taylor County Jail on bonds totaling more than $540,000.

An Abilene family is speaking out about unsanitary conditions at a dayhab facility.

This story, dived into by KTAB/KRBC’s Ashly Ibarra, was broken last week, but has continued to trend online and on social media. An Abilene family accused a local adult daycare facility of declining conditions, and worried their daughter was being neglected at DayBreak.

“Its been within this past year that things have gotten worse and worse. There has been a decline in services specifically the dayhab. It’s deplorable. There’s no central air out there. The facility is not safe,” her mother listed.

Baird motorcyclist killed in north Abilene crash

There’s a saying in news when you’re putting a show together or deciding which article should be published first: “If it bleeds, it leads.” It’s that same reason that Thursday’s fatal motorcycle crash was number one in web traffic for the week.

26-year-old Nathaniel Ralph from Baird crashed his motorcycle in the Sears Park neighborhood in Abilene’s northside. Police said he was not wearing a helmet.