Who sleeps longer and wakes up grumpier, men or women?

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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Experts at the El Paso Sleep Center say when it comes to men versus women on who gets a better nights sleep it really comes down to each individual person.Locals respond to who sleeps longer and wakes up grumpier men or women? 

However, they say your partner could be contributing to you not sleeping enough.

At different ages, you will experience different sleep problems according to sleep experts. Once you reach age 50 sleep problems are 50/50 for both. However, sleeping problems defer between the two.

  • Men: Sleep Apnea is the most common. Which includes if you snore at night and wake up feeling tired.
  • Women: Insomnia which means difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.

These problems along with kicking, tossing, turning and snoring can lead to couples sleeping in separate beds.

The El Paso Sleep Center says women most commonly bring their husbands to the center in hopes of fixing the problem, without knowing they are part of the problem.

“When you don’t get a good night of sleep then you wake up irritable that’s very common. I’m sure a lot of people experience that and it can be because of your own personal sleep, or because of the sleep of your bed partner,” said Omavi Bailey a Sleep Medicine Specialist at El Paso Sleep Center.

A study done from January to April of 2019 by Sleep Cycle Institute shows:

  • Men: Ages 55-74 woke up grumpier by 3%
  • Women: Ages 18-34 woke up grumpier by 0.6%

“What happens a lot of times is woman bring their husbands in initially and once the husbands sleep is better and they’re able to get back in the same bedroom and share that space again, then we find out that the women have restless legs insomnia and also have other issues like snoring and sleep apnea later on,” said Dr. Bailey.

So when it comes to men versus women it looks like everyone might be the problem. However, experts say sleep for everyone is important and if your having trouble sleeping, speaking to a sleep expert is always a good idea.

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