Heff’s Burgers in Sweetwater offering local beef for customers


ABILENE, TX (KRBC/KTAB) – This isn’t a normal patty. Well it is beef. But for a local burger joint in Sweetwater, Texas, it’s a united front of staying local, when times are their toughest.   

“Again, during this covid-19 time we all need any type of partnering up and edge we can gets,” owner of Heff’s Burgers in Sweetwater said.   

They’re teaming up with RR Ranch to offer, for the first time, local owned beef.   

“We wanted to specialize and have one just for angus locally raised beef and call it our home town burger,” he said.    

Russ Petty owner of RR Ranch in Nolan County said ranchers have their hands full as covid-19 is devastating parts of the meat packing industry.   

“There’s a lot of animals being brought into one location, huge workforce is located there, so if you had one case, they pretty much shut those plants down,” he said.    

Barely squeezing in to get their own meat processed, they now have a local source of meat, free of preservatives and antibiotics, something Morgan Daniel sales manager of RR Ranch said they’re proud of in their first year. Starting out with 10 calves, they’ve already gone through three this week.   

“We had some ground beef processed specifically for Steve for Heff’s burgers. And like Steve said earlier it’s been going really well for him and it’s been going pretty well for us too,” she said.   

They just started the partnership at the beginning of June, so you can stop and eat local all summer long.   

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