Hendrick doctor shares insight on pregnancy and COVID-19 vaccines


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Dr. Whitney Mascorro, an OBGYN with Hendrick, says COVID-19 vaccines are nothing short of a “medical miracle” and pose no threat to expectant mothers.

In a Zoom interview Tuesday, Dr. Mascorro shared that while research is limited concerning pregnant women and the vaccines, they are safe.

She says this is because current COVID-19 vaccines are mRNA vaccines, which do not contain a living particle of the virus. Dr. Mascorro compares receiving a a COVID shot to getting a vaccine for Pertussis or Influenza – both routine for pregnant women.

“The only vaccines we don’t give pregnant women are live, attenuated viruses like the MMR or the chicken pox vaccine, which has just a little live part of the virus in there,” said Dr. Mascorro. “But other than that we’ve been giving pregnant women vaccines for decades.”

The OBGYN also debunked myths around the vaccine’s impact on fertility.

“There are some concerns, unfounded concerns, about the COVID-19 vaccine and infertility. There are no clinical reasons to support those concerns, which are all unfounded,” said Dr. Mascorro.

Dr. Mascorro ultimately encourages all expecting mothers to get vaccinated if possible and to continue breastfeeding after the vaccine has been administered. This is because crucial antibodies can be passed along to an infant after breastfeeding.

“The best ways to prevent a newborn from getting COVID-19 is for the mom not to get it and give it to the baby, and furthermore for the babies to get the antibodies to prevent themselves,” said Dr. Mascorro.

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