ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – As blood donations slow during the summer months, the Hendrick Regional Blood Center is hopeful the 11th annual Rodney Holder Memorial ‘Guns & Hoses’ Blood Drive will boost local blood supply.

“During the summer months, we typically do see a decrease in donors because they’re out and about,” said Kelsey Caprio, Donor Recruiter. “They’re spending vacation time outdoors. Our priority is always avoiding a shortage.”

Recent events like last week’s fatal car wreck and shooting also highlight the importance of donating blood. Caprio told KTAB/KRBC such traumas can quickly diminish the blood center’s supply.

“One car wreck could use up to 100 units if that need was there,” said Caprio.

Although the blood center’s supply is not at a critical low, Caprio said locals should still donate when they are able.

“You never know when that need will happen,” Caprio added.

The 11th annual Guns & Hoses Blood Drive will take place all day July 6 and 7, at Hendrick Regional and at the KTAB/KRBC studios.

For more information on the Guns and Hoses Blood Drive visit this link.