ABILENE Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- Since 2016 Texas State Technical College (TSTC) has been partnered with Hendrick health. Training their staff in the latest Medical Codes and hospital billing.

“Each time you see a doctor there is a code for each procedure…Its how it’s billed to the insurance” Explains TSTC Executive Director of Workforce Training Cindy Brunett.

A partnership program that is proving especially useful during the pandemic staffing shortages that have hit the country in the past couple years.

“Whether you’re in manufacturing or you’re in healthcare. There’s a shortage of staff. And I think at TSTC we have an opportunity to fill in the gaps.” Brunett says.

The Curriculum taught by TSTC is offered through the practice Management Institute. And it comes at no cost to Hendrick as all funding comes from a state Skills Development Fund grant through the Texas Workforce Commission.

Brunett says since 2016 the program has proven beneficial for both Hendrick.

“You’ve got to make sure everybody from the front office to the back office is up to par up to date on all the coding regulations.” Brunett says.

As well as the TSTC students.

“we can place our graduates and we can upskill what you currently have”

Training or “upskilling” as they call it is a three month process. That process was put to the test back when Hendrick acquired Abilene Regional and Brownwood regional. TSTC folding those employees into the program in the past couple years.

“We started training in November and we’ll be finished with everything by the end of February.” Says Brunett.

The partnership has seen such success that colleges around the state are starting to take notice.

“We’re getting more interest from colleges, like hey how can we help our community the way you have here in the big country.” Says Brunett.