BRECKENRIDGE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Hidden out in small-town Breckenridge is a boat and RV dealership on Hubbard Creek, where people travel from all over to make their purchases. However, this boat dealership is unique in how it allows its customers to test drive its boats.

Ron Hoover RV & Marine Center opened its Breckenridge location last year, adding to its plethora of stores throughout the state as the largest boat and RV dealer in Texas. What began as a boat dealership, expanded to the recreational vehicle market.

General manager Dennis Chafin told KTAB/KRBC that as the weather slows down, his staff helps customers find ways to plan family activities all year long. 

Chafin said he can help anyone find the perfect fit for their family; “People buy cars because they have to. They buy boats and RVs because they want to make family memories.”

“With the low rural overhead, we can offer RVs or boats at a very competitive price, but you still get that small-town service,” Chafin explained.

The is the first store that the company’s bought on the water, which is why staff is able to let customers test drive the boats. However, one new product also fits in with the cooler weather during this season. 

While this time of year is prime for camping, customers can walk into some of these RVs and check them out beforehand.

Although this business is hidden out in small-town Breckenridge, Chafin said people travel from all over to visit this Breckenridge store. 

“We have them coming all the way from New Mexico,” Chafin described. “We actually sold a boat to a man from South Padre Island.” 

On Hubbard Creek, this marine center has been undergoing some changes, which is why Chafin said now is the best time to buy.

“We’re going through model change right now, so we have a lot of 2022s that we’re doing outstanding offers on.” 

Chafin added that the owner created this store to help take the stress out of buying, because when he went to buy an RV once, he had a rough experience and decided to do business the right way.