CLYDE ,Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A 55-year-old historical marker was reported as stolen last week. Scott Berry, whose family owns the land the sign sits upon, said he noticed its absence on his drive to work early one morning.

“It took me a second to even register because I was used to seeing this here and I knew something was missing out of the picture,” Berry said. “I was so taken a back. I was just like, ‘how could this even happen?’”

The metal post which once held the marker is visibly severed halfway up. Berry told KTAB/KRBC his family is offering an anonymous reward to anyone who can offer information as to the signs whereabouts.

Any information can be relayed to Berry through personal message on his Facebook. Please also share this information with the Callahan County Sheriff’s Office by calling (325) 854-1444.

Thelma Berry

“We reported this to the sheriff’s office and I’m in the process of trying to talk to the historical commission to see what it would take to have this replaced,” Berry said.

Aside from its historical value, the marker holds deep sentimental value to the Berry family. His Great Aunt, Thelma Berry being the reason the marker was installed in 1967.

“She was a member of several historical societies,” Berry said. “Because she was so proud of this, it meant so much to us.”

It is her reverence for history and the continued preservation of the past that Berry hopes to pass down to the next generation. His son Kyler only just beginning to learn the story the sign had to tell about Texas and his Family.

“This historical marker has been on our land for over 50 years…I’m just really sad that they would think about doing that,” Kyler told KTAB/KRBC.

The family continues to take the property theft as a hard hit.

“So, it really kind of takes a part of our heritage when this disappears, just because it represented her in a way,” Berry added.