ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – With warmer weather fast approaching in the big country, your trees and other plants may begin to bloom. But you might notice some creepy crawlers hiding in some of the leaves. These are called Aphids, and they tend to feed on tree leaves, leaving behind excrement called ‘honeydew.’

Owner of Willow Creek Gardens, Adam Andrews, told KTAB/KRBC honeydew is a sticky residue that gets on pretty much anything.

“They start sucking on the leaves, and it kind of goes through them, and that’s the honey dew – the sticky, drippy stuff on your vehicle when you go out there, or when you walk in the sidewalk and your feet kind of stick,” explained Andrews.

Aphids are at their peak during the summer, so, to save yourself a trip to the carwash, it’s best to take action early.

“I generally tell people when it’s time to get your mower out, it’s time to get everything treated,” Andrews advised.

Treating your trees and plants with a drench solution once should last all season, and protect against other bugs, as well.

“As trees start to begin to bud and leaf out, that’s really the best time to do it. Because not only does it protect the tree against aphids, but it protects it against, also, other insects that might chew on your tree and cause damage,” said Andrews.

Andrews recommends people treat their plants within the next few weeks, as these bugs should be around until leaves begin falling with the colder months.