ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The City of Abilene is continuously working to improve the community and help its residents. One longtime Abilene resident said she’s thankful for the city’s assistance in helping her make some much needed upgrades to her home – all at no cost to her.

Johnnie Bradshaw told KTAB/KRBC she’s lived in her Abilene home for 33 years. Five years ago, she decided to take advantage of the Neighborhood Services Critical Repairs program, and applied to have her bathroom updated to be handicap compliant for her husband who was in a wheelchair.

Within a couple of months, Bradshaw was approved, and the contractor was at her home remodeling her bathroom. Three months ago, Bradshaw reapplied to have her old, rotting wooden doors removed and sturdy, safer fiberglass doors installed.

“God put me in Abilene, and that’s where I’ll stay until he moves me or takes me home,” Bradshaw said.

Neighborhood Services manager, Leticia Reeves, explained how the program works.

“What we do is we assist anyone who is in a low to moderate income, as well as they must be home owners. It’s a grant,” explained Reeves. “They don’t have to pay it back, so it just gives them another resource for assistance.”

Anyone who needs assistance can go to City Hall to pick up an application, or you can follow this link and fill out the application to save you a step or two.

The homeowner must meet a certain financial criteria to be approved. Once approved, a contractor is sent to the home to assess the damages and will begin the required work.

A homeowner can apply every year if they need more work done.

Neighborhood Services was recently approved for $330,000 to be applied to the program starting in October.

They have helped repair and remodel more than 50 Abilene homes so far this year, as according to Reeves.