ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Pact Act, published last summer, has recently opened doors for Veterans with toxic exposures to receive healthcare and benefits. Since the act was passed into law, the Taylor County Veterans Service Office said it’s stayed busy with nonstop claims.

Director Bryan Massey told KTAB/KRBC the Pact Act had been a longtime coming for many Veterans. Now, Veterans from the Vietnam and Gulf wars, and post-9/11, will have access to life-changing benefits like healthcare, disability compensation, and survivors benefit for spouses.

“I was deployed to Afghanistan, and was exposed to numerous different toxins, but it’s nice to know the VA has not waited almost 20 years like they did with the agent orange thing after Vietnam War ended,” shared Massey.

Taylor County Commissioner Chuck Statler explained that the service office is hard at work to ensure all Veterans are made aware of the new law.

“If this office can continue to serve them at the top scale, that they’ve been doing, plus now added benefits can come to those families, it’s a win-win for all of us,” Commissioner Statler expanded.

In the Big Country, Massey said he and his fellow Veterans are lucky to have such a high Vet population. However, as of now, the office said it is backlogged with claims.

Even so, Massey assured that his fellow Vets need not worry because the Veterans Service Office is hard at work filing the claims.

“Taylor County really does care for their Veterans, and we really do our best to get them everything that they deserve and everything they are eligible for,” said Massey. 

When making your appointment to file, Massey advised Veterans to inquire about what documents are needed, because every case is unique and may require different documentation.