How the Pandemic affected these Traveling Circus performers


In Abilene through October 3rd 2021

ABILENE Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- Through October 3rd the Do Portugal Traveling Circus will be in the Mall Of Abilene parking lot. They say they’re giving Big Country residents a chance to see the wonder and thrill that is live performance up close.

“You can see it in the Motorcycle. You can see it in the high wire, in the hands balance, in my trapeze…Every single guy in the show, and girls, they put their life in the risk” Says Trapeze artist and clown Aldo Portugal.

Aldo (left) dressed as a clown in 2007

Aldo is a 5th generation performer, first joining “Do Portugal” at 8 years old.

“I was like, people are laughing at you…Why do you like to do this you know? Once I got onto the stage and I realized that I was making them laugh I was like okay okay and i got pulled into it.” Aldo said.

He and his fellow performers have traveled all across south and north America delighting town after town. They never stay for more than a few weeks. That streak was broken when the Pandemic first hit.

“We had just moved to New Mexico. To Roswell from Texas. And we ended up staying there for a year.” Says Dancer and Contortionist Samantha Dean.

Performer balances on the high bars

“I was like okay 2 weeks, nice and then a month, okay…you kind of get desperate and you don’t know if you are ever going to perform again” Aldo Added.

Dean says the pandemic has kept her away from her family back in London for longer than she is used to.

“It’ll be about 2 years by the time I go home so it’s been quite hard at the moment not seeing friends and family.” She said.

But now that the Spotlight shines on their stage again, Aldo says each performance feels more important than ever.

“We have been getting maybe half our crowd. But after having none for a year I’m more than grateful that these people are showing up to our show.” Says Aldo.

Hoping that the magic of live performance can bring joy to even the toughest of customers.

“There’s always one grumpy guy. And I’m like okay. It’s my duty to make you have a good time.” Aldo Said.

The Do Portugal Traveling Circus has 4 remaining performances at the Mall of Abilene. Showtimes can be found and tickets purchased here.

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