How to beat the summer heat, no sweat


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – In your home or in your car, ninety degrees is usually pretty uncomfortable without that cool air coming through the vents. But how do you keep things reasonably cold for a reasonable cost when it’s unreasonably hot?

“Keeping your filter really clean, keeping your house sealed as well as possible. Try to keep the heat out, especially from your window areas; if you have an east or west-facing door, when the sun’s glaring through, and keeping your doors closed as much as possible”, said Jay Arey from Abilene Cooling & Heating.

That can be done on an old house just as easily as it can be on a new house.

“You can take an older home and add a great deal of R value to it”, said Arey. “You’re going to have a much more efficient cooling system.”

There may be a few extra steps to seal and older home up as securely, but the same principles apply. So, off you go to the hardware store for some supplies. It’s still hot out there, so it’s time to turn down the temp in the car. It’s a simpler system than your house.

“Everything’s self-contained and it’s a lot easier to find problems on them, too”, explained Northside Service Center’s Jim Garner.

That means if the air doesn’t seem to be comfortable, it’s not too difficult to track down the source and get things back to normal. For instance, if you just need a refrigerant top off.

“People worry”, said Garner. “It only takes about 20 minutes to add to it. It’s not bad at all. If it’s a pound, half a pound low on freon, just come in on. We’ll put it in for them.”

You can always take heart in knowing you’re far from the only one in need of a refill. Garner says it’s been very busy recently. So remember, as the temps go up, your bill doesn’t need to go up with them, and your comfort level doesn’t need to drop. It just takes a bit of work to make the most of your cooling systems.

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