ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Filling up your car with gas is something most people have to do regularly, but what if this mundane task could help Abilene children in need? 

One company that owns some of the local gas stations in Abilene has created a fundraiser to help Hendrick Home for Children and all you have to do is pump gas.

Hendrick Home for Children helps raise kids and assists families that are struggling to provide for each other. Robert Marshall, President and CEO of Hendrick Home for Children, said that they have children in the non-profits care.

“A grandparent can place their child here, that for whatever reason, they have had to begin to raise,” Marshall explained. 

Even though Hendrick Home is not an orphanage, workers have many children that they provide for. When you look at all of the programs, including the family care program which allows entire families to stay there, they currently have around 100 people on campus to provide for. Marshall explained that this can get really expensive and inflation has especially affected them. 

“Electric bill is higher, the gas bill is higher, food bills are higher, and you know, it’s difficult,” Marshall explained. 

Although this nonprofit has donors and a trust, the organization is constantly in need of extra funds. 

“There’s always things that come up. We just had a young man who needed some mouth surgery, and we were able to help him,” said Marshall. 

Now, there is a unique way Abilenians can help and it is something most will be doing at some point anyway. 

Majors Management is a company that owns a couple of gas stations in Abilene and the area sales manager, Charles Davis, said he decided to create a fundraiser at two local gas pumps for Hendrick Home for Children. 

“The Hendrick Home was just the hands down winner because they do so many great things for the people of Abilene,” Davis expressed. 

To contribute, just go to one of the two gas stations, grab the pump with the logo and pump your gas.

“We donate a penny for every gallon that is pumped out of that pump,” Davis shared. 

His goal for 2023 is to raise $10,000 through this fundraiser alone for the organization. These donations can help Abilene children be successful, which is what the home is designed to do. 

“We’ve had doctors, nurses, attorneys, and we even had a rocket scientist not long ago,” Davis recalled. 

The two gas stations are the Conoco’s located at 2972 South Treadaway and 1433 South Willis. 

Davis is planning to have all pumps open for this donation on January 18 at the Treadaway location. 

You can also go to Hendrick home for the Childrens’ website to make donations.