How to keep your pets safe during the Fourth of July


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – Fireworks are a great way to ring in the Fourth of July, but for animals it can get a bit confusing and even scary.

A night of celebrating the red white and blue can be filled with anxiety for our four legged friends.

“They don’t know what the Fourth of July is so to them this could be the end of the world and they have no idea,” Abilene Animal Services Shelter Supervisor Jackie Hernandez said.

The loud bangs and booms cause many to run away. Abilene Animal Services see an increase of 20 dogs during the Fourth.

“Keep your dogs inside,” Hernandez said.

If you can’t keep them indoors be sure to make sure your pet is microchipped and the information is up to date.

“If you don’t have a microchip for your dog writing with a sharpie on the inside like what your dogs name is, maybe a phone number,” Hernandez said.

It’s all to ensure if your pet does run away, they will make it back home. Even if your pet is inside, however, they can still have anxiety.

“What you’re looking for is panting, pacing back and forth,” Hernandez said.

Some tips to keep them calm and comfortable include giving your pet their favorite toy or treat.

“A lot of things that last really long are going to be things like these cow hooves. We have ones with peanut butter and cheese and bacon in them to keep them interested longer,” Pam’s Pets Sales Associate Flora Clifford said.

The most popular is Kong toys.

“They have an opening in the bottom that you put treats in and most people just use peanut butter because it’s the easiest but because it’s such a small opening it actually takes a while for the dog to be able to get it out,” Clifford said.

It’s all about keeping them distracted while the celebrations ring out. Some other things you can do for your pet is wrap them in a blanket that has your smell on it, keep them in a dark room or even give them calming treats but be sure to follow the instructions.

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