HSU releases additional details regarding Logsdon Seminary closure, students request administration to reconsider


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/ KRBC) – Hardin Simmons University has issued a press release with additional details about the closure of the Logsdon Seminary and its programs. Students have also released a letter directed to President Eric Bruntmyer and to the Board of Trustees requesting the administration to reconsider the decision.

Some of the additional details are:

  • The closure specifically includes Logsdon Seminary and its graduate programs. The Logsdon School of Theology will continue providing Christian undergraduate education at HSU.
  • Current seminary students will be provided a teach-out program to finish their degrees.
  • Many of the details are still being determined, and we will continue to communicate information as it comes available.
  • HSU’s leaders have already met today and will continue to meet daily to discuss and coordinate these changes.

According to HSU, they are listening closely to all feedback and community concerns.

“We know that Logsdon Seminary has been a major part of this community and beyond and this closure has many, many facets to work through. Please continue to join with us in prayer for all those affected by this closure, for our campus leadership, and the rest of the HSU community during this time,” said HSU in the press release.

The entire student letter reads as follows:

To President Eric Bruntmyer

And to the Board of Trustees of Hardin-Simmons University,

Joined together as the current and former students of Logsdon Seminary, we in one voice communicate to you our broken hearts and our thoughts on the closing of Logsdon. We each have been deeply blessed by the education we have received from the faculty and staff of Logsdon and we have developed the deepest of friendships as we move forward in our ministries together. We officially declare to the administration, to the trustees, and to President Bruntmyer, that we do not stand with this decision. We do not support the passiveness that has been demonstrated to Logsdon in the past two years by HSU and the direction that the school is taking. We feel that closing Logsdon is not in accordance with the will of God, nor is it a real demonstration of Christian love and service.

We believe that the announcement of this decision should have come with the opportunity to ask questions directly to the Board of Trustees. We also believe that the voices of those who have attended Logsdon Seminary have been given adequate voice to demonstrate our hearts and spirits. The communication involved in this process has been poor and without care of the current students, faculty members, and the deans. We believe the Board members must give representation to their decision and allow for our voice to heard in response. 

Financially we know that HSU is struggling and that measures have to be taken in order to secure a way forward for the health of the school. However, we believe that a Christian university that values the importance of Christian education should not lightly rid itself of a Seminary which has abundantly demonstrated the love and grace of God to every student. The faculty of Logsdon teach with hearts full of the gospel of Jesus Christ and outpour the Spirit of God into every student and friend of the seminary. The staff give tirelessly to show love to each member, both faculty and student, and sacrifice their time to put forth the excellence that has been Logsdon Seminary.

As we stand together, we lovingly request that you reconsider your decision to close Logsdon Seminary and we prayerfully ask that the Spirit of God move in this university to find a way forward that is in accordance with the heart, mind, and intent of God. As you find a way forward, we implore you to reconsider what Christian education at HSU can become with the inclusion of Logsdon Seminary. Bible studies and chapel services without the courses of Logsdon  are not enough for a Christian university to continue growing in an education enlightened by faith. The discernment made by those involved in this decision must be re-evaluated and discussed with the views of the current and former students in mind.

In the meantime, we as the loving members of Logsdon Seminary, will continue to stand with our seminary, our professors, and our fellow students and friends with the love and grace of God. This is who we have been, this is who we are, and this is who we will always be.
Sincerely,The Students of Logsdon Seminary

The Students of Logsdon Seminary

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