SAN ANGELO, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – From an orphanage in Mexico, to becoming a priest in the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Angelo, Father Emilio Sosa has had a long journey to get to where he is today.

At 5-years-old, he was just a normal kid at Mass, going around with his friends to steal cookies, but he always knew what he wanted to be: a Priest.

He grew up in an orphanage where the Sisters of the Sacred Heart in Mexico would bring food and rosary everyday, and occasionally sit and eat with the children.

“For me it was a lot of fun,” said Father Sosa. “I felt always safe in that place.”

Growing up, Father Sosa did not travel, but when he was at the seminary (a school for ministry), benefactors would take them on trips. His first trip away from Mexico was on the Mary Islands, located in the Pacific Ocean.

During his schooling, he was not told where he would be sent to, but the priesthood still called out to him.

“I was just waiting for that moment forever, I went through a lot of formation in Mexico,” said Sosa. “Formation never ends, I was so excited when the moment came (the Ordination).”

Once he was ordained, he was called to the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Angelo.

Father Sosa would begin his time as a priest serving in the San Angelo area before transitioning to Saint Vincent in Abilene in 2018.

“I really love the spirituality, I really enjoy, basically, the nature of Saint Vincent,” said Father Sosa.

When asked to pray over someone, he will pull out his photo album and find them in the album.

“Sometimes, I don’t even know their names,” said Father Sosa. “It’s always good, its like therapy because it’s like I’m with a person praying for them.”

Father Sosa has been a priest for 14 years, and out of 37,300 priests in America, he is one of around 3,000 Hispanic priests.

Father Sosa shared his advice, to keep persevering through any obstacle in life that prevents you from who/where you want to be.

“Do not let anybody get in the middle if you really have an honest vocation of the priesthood in your life.”