ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – One Midland man is still searching for answers three months later after his sister was struck by a vehicle and died from her injuries in Abilene.

Kayson Paschel, Amber Sue Hall’s brother, said she was one of the only family members he had left.

“I don’t have my best friend no more,” Paschel expressed.

Paschel and his sister went through many family deaths together in recent years, which caused their bond to become unbreakable. 

“[I] lost grandpa. A year later, [I] lost my pawpaw. Our mom died in 2017, and then our great grandma died in 2019 and then my granny died in April,” Paschel explained.  

However, Paschel had to face another death, this time his sister. Hall was struck by a vehicle while walking in south Abilene in October 2022, where she succumbed to her injuries.  

“He took my sister, the only thing I had left,” said Paschel. 

Since then, Paschel said he has tried to get a hold of the Abilene Police Department but has failed. Since it has been months since the accident, the family assumes the worst.

“I instantly wanted justice, because it’s not fair for you to take a life and then continue yours like nothing happened,” Paschel said. 

He shared that the family is struggling to pay the remaining $700 in bills to the Girdner Funeral Home.

APD sent KTAB/KRBC the following statement: 

“This is an active investigation. The driver in this incident was contacted when this occurred and it was not considered a hit-and-run. We were not actively searching and asking for the public’s assistance in locating them.” 

APD went on to say once their traffic investigators complete their investigation, the case will be turned into the District Attorney’s Office for consideration of charges, if any are warranted. 

For now, Paschel is continuing to wait for answers as he and his family try to process their emotions by remembering who Hall was. 

“If you asked her for the shirt off her back, she would’ve gave it to you,” Paschel recalled. 

APD has not released the name of the driver since there are no charges at this time.