JONES COUNTY, Texas (KTAB) – A Jones County woman is asking for drivers to slow down around a dangerous curve, and hoping for a road near her home to be made safer.

It ws Sunday nigth when 19-year-old Marleigh Patterson and her 2-year-old daughter, Taylynn Cumpton were involved in a crash on FM 1226. Taylynn died at Cook Children’s Hospital, and her mother is said to be recovering from serious injuries.

But, that is not the first deadly accident on FM 1226 near Hawley.

Susan Throckmorton has called Jones County home for more than 40 years. She travels on FM 1226 twice a day. She’s witnessed countless wrecks along the curve.

Wednesday was a quiet morning on FM 1226 in Jones County, the kind Throckmorton is all too familiar with. But, her normal drive to check her cattle is interrupted by a feeling that she can’t escape.

“Sadness,” she says after a deep sigh.

That’s because as she passes two locations, just feet apart, she’s reminded of two people that lost their lives.

“Right over there a young lady from Stamford was killed in her car,” she says, gesturing to a patched up fence. “A 2-year-old child, over here,” she says, gesturing to the tree Taylynn Cumptom lost her life to.”It’s just heartbreaking.”

She says during her 40 years living on FM 1226, at least 6 crashes have been fatalities.

“It’s very upsetting to live nearby and see people injured or killed in your area,” Throckmorton says.

She believes the common factor: The road.

“I think many people who travel on these Farm Market roads don’t realize how dangerous they can be,” she says. “Curves can suddenly appear out of nowhere on the roads. Some of them sname back and forth. Others are straight as a string and make people think they can drive really fast.”

She’s hopeful that a solution will come.

“If something could be done to prevent people dying, that would be a good thing,” she says.

Throckmorton says 6 lives lost, are 6 too many.

“It makes me very sad, because I feel in my heart they didn’t have to die,” she says, fighting back tears.