ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – In hopes of bringing awareness to an incident on January 22 in north Abilene, people gathered for a ‘Ride for Robert’ event.

36-year-old Robert Guevara was shot by Abilene police officers for what APD said not complying and drawing a firearm from his waistband. He was arrested and booked into the Taylor County Jail. For his wife Carolyn Guevara, her message is simple.

“I just want justice for my husband,” Carolyn Guevara expressed.

Those participating in the ride cruised down Ambler from Sears Park to Will Hair Park; a ride that emphasized the number two.

“That’s why I wanted to ride two times, for our son’s second birthday. Two times for the two times my husband was shot,” Carolyn Guevara explained. “I just want to thank all of our family, friends, and all of you who have showed up today.”

In attendance was Ricardo Martinez, who has known Robert Guevara for more than 30 years, and Maria Rodriguez, who has known him for more than 20 years.

“We got info and then we had got more info and we’re looking at them putting it together, ok what’s going on?” Martinez said.

Both looking for answers along with Robert Guevara’s family.

“My thoughts think that if the bodycam would have been shown this would’ve already been ended by now,” Rodriguez added.

Robert Guevara spoke with BigCountryHomepage, where he said that his attorney told him the body cams were turned off during the time of the incident.

“That’s been one thing since my husband had his breathing tube taken out of his mouth he has always been ‘if you get the body cam footage, if you get body cam footage it will show you I did nothing wrong,'” shared Carolyn Guevara.

His loved ones shared their ultimate goal of bringing awareness.

“We’re going to stand up for it. For justice. Not for just Robert but for the justice in this whole situation,” Martinez expressed.

“What are ya’ll looking to have happen? To free him. Most importantly to come home to his family and kids,” Rodriguez added.

Carolyn Guevera, like many in attendance, is asking for action from APD.

“If you have nothing to hide and you did nothing wrong then release the bodycam footage. Release it,” Carolyn Guevera asked. “I want my voice to be heard. Our voice to be heard.”

Robert Guevara currently sits in the Taylor County Jail on a $1 million dollar bond for Assault of a Public Servant.