BROWNWOOD, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Brownwood Lady Lions senior point guard, Mady Pyle, has been practicing her three pointers since she started playing basketball. Now, she is leading the team and the Big Country with 77 three pointers this season.

“Ever since I started playing basketball, I’ve always been in the gym practicing my three pointers, and this year being a senior I really tried to get in the gym a lot so I can make them in the game,” said Pyle.

The three pointer has become a large part of basketball throughout the years and Pyle takes any chance she can get to shoot.

Pyle said, “I get the ball and I’m like shoot it Mady, shoot it. And I just shoot it and hopes it goes in.”

Her hard work does not go unnoticed and freshman Hannah Deen said she has seen Pyle make many points with her skills.

“I really don’t know how she does it. She always just jacks them up there and they go in it’s crazy,” Deen expressed.

Heather Hohertz, head coach of the team, said the amount of baskets she makes does not surprise her and looks forward to Pyle possibly breaking a school record.

“You know she’s a good shooter and she puts in the work for it so, I expect her to have that many or even more maybe. I think it’ll be a school record and get up to the 90’s,” said Hohertz.

Hohertz added that Pyle has been a part of the varsity team for three years and leads by example.

“She leads us with her outside shooting, and she leads us by example in practice. She’s worked on her shot, and she deserves all the three pointers she makes that she’s put in this year,” said coach Hohertz.

When Pyle does not make the basket, which is not often, Deen is right there for rebounds and second chance points.

“Just be yourself and go out there and just find the ball and catch it in the air. Find it where it’s hitting off the rim so you can go get it and get the rebound,” Deen explained.

When Deen joined the team, Pyle was curious to see a freshman on the court. Now, her and the rest of the team work together by playing their strengths.

“At first, I was like who’s this freshman girl coming up to play with us. As I watched her play, she makes her lay-ups in games pretty much and knows how to get rebounds. She’s just really good. I love Hannah and she brings us a lot of energy,” said Pyle.

The Lady Lions are sitting at third in district and they take on first ranked Glen Rose on Tuesday, January 24.