ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – After a tragic event, an Abilene family was left mourning the loss of a mother, wife and friend, Pamela Casey. During their time of immense grief husband, Josh Casey shared his experience. 

“Nothing can prepare you for a moment like that,” Casey warned. 

Casey told KTAB/KRBC he and his wife Pamela were traveling on their motorcycle together to their daughter, ahead of going on vacation when the accident took place. 

“Once I heard my dad’s voice, and things like that, I kind of realized; ‘okay, this is, like, pretty serious,’” said daughter, Caitlyn Gurecky.    

At that moment, Casey said everything happened all too quickly for him to even comprehend what had just happened.

“I thought I was waking up from a bad dream and then I went to move, and my leg wouldn’t work right,” Casey recollected. “I was like, ‘oh, this is not a dream.'”

Once responding paramedics told Casey about his wife’s passing, he said reality still hadn’t set it.  

“I wanted it so bad, for it to be a dream,” Casey explained. “I just wanted it to all go away… But it didn’t.”

Sitting with a broken right shoulder and broken left ankle, Casey said what hurts most is his broken heart:

“Man, I would take a missing leg or a missing arm or whatever to have her here.”

Now, Josh and Pamela’s three kids, five dogs, and favorite dog park Camp Barkeley is all that remains.

“It was one of her favorite things to do,” Casey shared. “It was on our schedule three days a week.”  

The dog park meant so much to this Abilene couple that they had plans to go before the City to request additional seating and shade for pet parents.   

“I am relatively certain that the first time I visit the dog park, I am going to encounter her spirit there and that gives me a lot of comfort,” added Casey.  

In the meantime, the Casey family told KTAB/KRBC how grateful they are for the community support they are receiving.  

“When all of this is done, we have to learn how to do things without her and that’s a change,” said Gurecky. 

After Pamela’s funeral, and in her honor, Josh Casey said he plans to fulfill his wife’s wish to have Camp Barkeley spruced up; adding picnic tables, benches, and maybe even a grill to give those pet parents out there a chance to socialize with one another.