ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Wylie ISD is reminding parents of their safety measures ahead of summer school as fears linger following the massacre in Uvalde just last week.

“It’s sad that it has come to this,” says Abilene mother Stephanie Sanchez. She explains that the Uvalde shooting has made her consider homeschooling her children who have had previously gone to Wylie. She had to take her children out of school because they moved, but they are moving back soon, and she says even if she cannot homeschool, she has faith in Wylie’s system to protect her children. 

“Because I do feel like they did have good procedures for the safety of the kids,” she says. 

Wylie’s Assistant Superintendent, Craig Bessent, is also the board chairman of the Texas School Safety Center, and he says that during summer school, the students will be just as protected as they are during the regular school year. 

“We follow those same protocols,” says Bessent. 

He states that all teachers there are trained twice a year for school safety, and security personnel is always present. 

“We have limited access to who is in and out of school. We still do our screening at the front door when in and out,” he says. 

The most important safety feature to Bessent is teaching with the door locked. He says that there has never been a locked door breached during any mass school shootings. 

“As you know in Uvalde, even the law enforcement couldn’t breach that door. So if it’s locked, you’re safe,” says Bessent. 

All doors will remain locked at Wylie, and knowing about these safety features will keep mothers like Sanchez at peace while her children are at school. 

“It makes me sad when I hear them talking about lock down drills because we didn’t do that. It was just tornado and fire drills. It makes me sad,” Sanchez says. 

Tony Lassetter, Director of School Safety and Security at Abilene ISD says in all Summer Spark facilities, the District will continue to implement and enforce the same safety measures that are in place during the regular school year. This includes safety drills, locking doors, and visitor screening protocols. School officers from APD will also be assigned to every campus.