ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Many gathered for an anti-bullying rally at Sears Park on Sunday afternoon. The organizer, Rocky Flores, shared bullying is moving in a little too close to home.

“It’s about bullying – ok. the bullying has to stop. It’s going everywhere in AISD in Abilene and surrounding counties,” Flores expressed. “All through the school year my daughter has been bullied, and with her I have to take a stand. We’re here for our children. We’re here to make sure our children go to school safe.”

Ann Anders shared some words as well, as she described how bullying is being experienced at a younger age.

“My granddaughter is being bullied at Long (Long Elementary). Five-year-old’s were bitten, her hair was cut, she was kicked in the eye, punched in the stomach and the teacher said there was nothing she could do. We took it to the principal and all she said she could do is move her to a different room,” explained Anders.

From the superintendent to student services – according to Flores, he’s let the school district know about his dilemma.

“I’ve addressed them many times and all they say is there’s a curricular that they have to follow by the state of Texas,” Flores said. “As we stand up all as one, AISD or even all these other independent school districts will not have a choice but to listen to us.”

For Flores, the message of this event was clear.

“I’m asking you to put yourself in my shoes and see how I have to wake up every night because somebody has told my child to kill herself. I have to wake up every night to make sure my child is breathing. No parent should ever have to do that,” Flores shared.