ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick made an appearance the Grace Museum Wednesday to talk about how important smaller cities, like Abilene, are in his campaign.

“Rural Texas is the key,” Lt. Gov. Patrick said. “Rural Texas is red, our big cities are blue, and I’m here to fight for rural Texas’ values.”

Lt. Gov. Patrick said half of Texas’ voters are red and half are blue, meaning more rural voters need to make an appearance at the ballot box.

The issue of inflation was mentioned throughout the Lt. Governor’s press conference, and one that he had plans to work through, but he really prioritized the issue of immigration.

“We normally spend $400 million a year on border security. This year, it’s $4 billion because Biden and the democrats aren’t doing their job,” Lt. Gov. Patrick stated.

Also touching base on border issues in other areas, Lt. Gov. Patrick announced that mayors of New York, Washington and D.C. often complain about up to 7,000 people illegally crossing their borders in the last month, but Del Rio, Texas sees that amount every day – according to the Lt. Governor.

“The mayor of Del Rio is not complaining as much as the liberal blue, woke mayor in Washington D.C.,” Lt. Gov. Patrick announced. “So if they want to cry in their beer, let them cry in their beer.”

Lt. Gov. Patrick continued on at the Grace Museum, “Three people in the country think the border is secure: The President, the Vice President and the Secretary of Homeland Security. Everyone else in America knows the border is not secure.”

While up for reelection as Lieutenant Governor, Lt. Gov. Patrick mentioned the gubernatorial election, with his vote going towards his fellow republican incumbent. In so many words, he said he would not expect candidate Beto O’Rourke to win the election.

“Governor Greg Abbott and I are going to win,” Lt. Gov. Patrick cried passionately. “I’m not even going to contemplate that.” 

However, if O’Rourke does win, Lt. Gov. announced that he’d “stonewall” his bills. 

“There’s not one bill of his liberal leftist, woke agenda that would get out of the senate,” said Lt. Gov. Patrick.

Lt. Gov. Patrick also touched base on school safety. He said the Texas government is buying ballistic shields for every school, but they are mainly leaving school safety up to each individual school and its local community.

Dan Patrick is touring 130 cities across Texas on his campaign as the incumbent Lieutenant Governor, with a goal geared towards keeping Texas as so-called Texas and not turning it into California. As the incumbent, he is running against democratic candidate Mike Collier and liberal candidate Shanna Steele.

Texas voters will get to cast their ballots in the upcoming general election on November 8.