ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Redondo Sanchez is now in police custody. This is after a family caught him allegedly peering into Abilene high school student Alexandria’s bedroom window.

“I’d just got home from hanging out with my friends. And of course I’d changed out of my clothes. And I was laying in bed. The next thing I know I heard like rattling with my window. I thought it was just branches. But it got more aggressive and I was like. Mom there’s someone outside the window,” Alexandria recalled.

She texted her cousin Kaden, who lives in the same house. Kaden and a few other family members grabbed flashlights and bats to defend themselves as they walked outside to face whoever was threatening Alexandria’s safety.

“Went to the side of the house where this individual was standing. He had his shorts down to his knees and his genitals were showing,” Kaden recalled.

As Sanchez attempted to fix his clothing and flee, Kaden confronted him, hoping that what he was seeing wasn’t what it looked like.

“I noticed the window had been opened and he was trying to get in the window. And as soon as I seen that. Like something just flipped,” said Kaden.

“I froze and all I could think about was like. What if he actually got in? Could I have been raped, killed, kidnapped, hurt?” Alexandria said.

As Sanchez began to flee the scene, Kaden kicked him in the back as security cam footage revealed. It was at this point Kaden said he recognized the man as one of their neighbors.

Security cam footage of incident provided by neighbor

“It’s not the first time he’s done this to the house…The last time was December first,” Kaden shared.

“I’m scared to go outside my own house because he lives literally two houses down the street,” Alexandria said.

In fact, many of the neighbors on their street that KTAB/KRBC spoke with said they’ve had similar run ins with Sanchez in the past. The man that provided his home security cam footage of the incident said he got the cameras specifically because he had heard of incidents like this involving Sanchez.

“I was like I’m not letting that happen. Especially not to my cousin,” Kaden said.

Kaden chased the man for several feet, finding him hiding in a nearby vehicle. At that point police arrived on the scene and took Sanchez into custody just before midnight.

Alexandria said even with Sanchez behind bars, it’s not enough to keep the fear of what might have happened or what may happen in the future away.

“What if I’m not the only one. What if that could have been my last day. I was scared shaky. like no girl should be scared in their own house,” Alexandria expressed.

“If anything like this ever does happen again while I’m here. I don’t think it’ll end up like it did last night… From now on. Every time my cousin gets home. I’m gonna be out there waiting for her,” Kaden added.

While she may never escape the fear, It’s an experience she said she feels a duty to address.

“Regardless if you’re scared. Make it be known cuz there are other people that may be scared and you gotta be the voice. You gotta be brave to do it,” said Alexandria.

Sanchez is being held in the Taylor County Jail on charges of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.