ABILENE Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – With the recent reappearance of E-scooters on the streets of Abilene, concerns of safety have been raised. Cities around the state have reported injuries resulting from use of the scooters – especially in areas with high alcohol consumption.

“Ever since they started bringing these things to the urban centers around America, we’ve seen these guys coming in with all kinds of these injuries,” recorded Dr. John Turner, Medical Director of the My Emergency Room urgent care clinic in Abilene.

So far, Abilene has not seen a rise in scooter-related injuries; this fact confirmed by Hendrick and other local urgent care clinics.

“I wanna say we’ve had one so far” Dr. Turner said.

Even so, no amount of E-scooter safety could have stopped what a group of Abilenians experienced Thursday night. As the group left a Downtown Abilene bar on Pine Street, a crowd of young adults on E-scooters reportedly began shouting profanities and even attempted to hit them.

Anna Claire Boone, a downtown barista at Majestic, told KTAB/KRBC the nightlife has changed a bit since the reintroduction of the scooters- though behavior like this is not the norm.

“I’ve seen people swerving in front of cars and stuff, and just generally being inconsiderate of traffic,” Boone said.

The group of assailants dropped their scooters in the middle of Pine street and fled the scene once police were called, according to an eye witness.

“If you’re cautious and you take into consideration the environment you’re in, where you are and what you’re doing,” Dr. Turner warned, “then these things should be able to be ridden safely.”

As far as the city is concerned, e-scooter riders should behave as if they are riding a bike: Abiding by all traffic laws and signs and keeping off the sidewalks, exactly as the Bird Scooter app and website recommend.

“You know, teenagers are going to be running out in the street if they don’t have Birds,” Boone advised. “Or, they’re going to be riding out into the streets if they do have Birds.”

Abilene Police are aware of the attack and are said it is under investigation. Reportedly, nobody was harmed as a result of the altercation.