Ira math students take the grid to the gridiron


IRA, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – In a small town like Ira, Texas, painting the lines on the football field is a weekly tradition. It’s homecoming week this week so they’re adding a little extra flair. 

To help, students are ditching the pen and paper and taking the grid to the gridiron.​

“Well I think it helps kids to realize you know that they’re not just in the classroom going through motions,” Ira Football Head Coach Toby Goodwin said.​​

Coach Goodwin is recruiting his math students and putting their skills to the test.​

“We’re making a bulldog in the middle of the field for homecoming,” Ira 7th grader R​amsi Wall said.​

They transformed this six inch logo into a 40 foot logo.​

“Teaching them the coordinate grid, the tape measures and then a dilation, taking a little picture and blowing it up,” Coach Goodwin said.​​

Then they mapped it out on the field.​

“We had to get the tape measure and measure it and then put a stake down where it was and then once we got all of the stakes down Coach Goodwin and some other people went around and did the string,” Wall said.​​

“It’s different. Totally different. You get to learn by walking instead of with a pencil,” Ira 7th grader Grayson Barbee said.​

​It starts out as just stakes and string.​

“Like at first you’re like I don’t know what you’re making. Like this is confusing,” Wall said.​​

As students connect each piece of the puzzle, this bulldog slowly starts to take shape.​

“We did that,” Barbee said.​​

Once that paint dries and those Friday night lights turn on, these students and coaches can see the finished product.​

“When you see this final result it’s like wow we really did that by hand and it’s just a proud moment to know that I was involved in it but my kids were involved in it,” ​Coach Goodwin said.​​

This is about a ten year tradition that gets the students even more involved in homecoming.

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