ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – As the Big Country summer heats up, outdoor business owners in Abilene are really feeling that heat. While some proprietors are not doing so well, others say business is booming.

It’s actually not even the Summer season yet, if you can believe it! Summer begins Tuesday, June 21.

Natasha Huffman owns On The Go Rentals, an inflatable company with options for water slides. She says even with the ebb and flow of the economy lately, business has been good to her.

“[On The Go Rentals has] been doing pretty good because it’s so hot,” Huffman explained. “People want to have their kids enjoy this water with the weather how it is.”

The temperature jump is in the right direction for On The Go Rentals, but for Get Green Lawn Kings– which Huffman owns as well – business has been cut during recent hot weather.

“The drought, there’s no rain in that and so whatever service we do – it needs to get watered in,” Huffman said.

Both businesses were affected differently, but there’s one thing that remains the same for Huffman and her team: Staying cool.

“When we go pick up these water slides, we’ll try to go down it if we can,” Huffman revealed. “Then go start rolling it up, y’know, just to help keep us cool.”

The hot and dry weather has caused other businesses, like Bug Blasters Pest Control to see different trends altogether.

“Mosquitos really haven’t been an issue for us this year,” said Tanner Jones with Bug Blasters. “However, ants, spiders and roaches have been a real big issue for a lot of people.”

Jones told KTAB/KRBC the lack of water causes insects to migrate to homes where there is a water source, but he has some advice for people who are seeing a lot of these bugs:

“Having pest control services done help a lot on the exterior of the home and then also spraying inside,” Jones said.

The heat is the biggest pest of all for these business owners who are all hoping for a little rain and cooler temperatures soon.