BRADY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A Brady man spoke his piece Friday, days after the Brady Police Department (BPD) reported an officer was shot at a standoff. That standoff taking place at Stephen Fenwick’s home, where he said he and his housemates were held at gunpoint for seven hours.

Walking up to Fenwick’s home, the first things you’ll see are busted glass windows, a doorframe with no door and a piece of plywood acting as the only barrier between the outside and his living room.

Leaning up against a tree, just to the right of the yellow home, you can find the red door which was once their front door. Except now, it’s held together by nails and metal strips- covered in bullet holes.

When you step inside Fenwick’s home, it’s bullet holes riddled along the walls, doors and three piercing the refrigerator.

To the right, more shattered glass windows, covered in painter’s tarp. To the left, a white door with the words ‘God bless’ written in permanent marker along the top. That white door, also lined with bullet holes, reminiscent of a piece of swiss cheese.

“Bullet after bullet coming next to your face,” Fenwick said of the day. “You keep thinking, ‘is this the last time I’m going to see my kids? my grandkids? What am I to do?’” 

Fenwick said the morning he was ‘held hostage’ by 35-year-old Decoda Blake of Ohio, who is now facing attempted capital murder charges, he and Blake were acquaintances.

Decoda Blake is accused of shooting a Brady police officer during a disturbance.

Blake was referred to Fenwick by friends, for tattoo designs and through that connection, they had other encounters, according to Fenwick. Blake was reputedly robbed while out of town with his wife, Fenwick told KTAB/KRBC, and asked to stay at the Fenwick home and a ride to Menard.

Fenwick said he agreed, arranging a ride for the couple to head back to Menard the following morning.

Leading up to the morning of their hostage situation, Fenwick said a young man approached Blake and about a separate robbery incident, and Blake left to speak with the woman who was being accused of robbery. later that morning, he showed back up at the Fenwick home.

According the police report, BPD responded to calls of a ‘disturbance’ at another Brady home around 6:00 a.m., where Fenwick said Blake assaulted a young woman- then returned to Fenwick’s home to hide out.

Fenwick said he was awakened by flashing lights. His room located at the front of the house, this Brady man said he could see police waiting outside his home, through his bedroom window.

In attempts to answer knocks at his door, Fenwick said he made his way out of his bedroom. Instead, he found Decoda’s wife sitting in his room. Upon asking about her husband’s whereabouts, Fenwick said she just shrugged her shoulders

Eventually, Fenwick did answer his door. He said BPD officers were also asking about Blake’s whereabouts- so he led them to Blake’s wife.

As she was being arrested, on warrants out of the State of Ohio, and loaded into a squad car, Fenwick said Blake emerged from his bedroom. Dressed in camouflage, completely angry, Fenwick described Blake, because his wife was being arrested.

Fenwick said he later found out Blake was crouched at the foot of his bed hiding, and said he was “invisible” in the pitch black room.

Fenwick said the police searched his home for the Ohio man, but could not find him in the dark room, and once the front door shut, he said the ‘fireworks began.’

“He would tell me I wasn’t going to see my grandkid, and I wasn’t going to survive this,” Fenwick said after Blake emerged and put a gun to his head. “He was going to blow the back of our heads off.” 

Fenwick said he and his four roommates, who have disabilities, hit the floor as Blake fired round after round into their home. He said they managed to crawl behind a sheet, which split the living room and back bedroom. That’s where Fenwick said he crawled over the top of his roommate to shield her from flying bullets.

All he could hear and feel were bullets whizzing by his head, Fenwick described to KTAB/KRBC, as they ricocheted off of the refrigerator and other metal appliances in his home.

“All you can think is, ‘God please, just kill me, get it over with,’” Fenwick said.

Fenwick said he was, “living in a nightmare I couldn’t get out of,” as he had a gun to his head. He said police also had their guns drawn at every window of the house.

According to the Brady man, Blake accused Fenwick and his housemates of getting his wife arrested- also saying they wouldn’t make it out of their home alive.

Fenwick said Blake would make each roommate stick their heads out of the windows and tell the police the house was clear, with the barrel of a gun directly on the backs of their heads.

However, Fenwick said because his roommates had disabilities, Blake began to release them one-by-one, until Fenwick and one other were left.

“He told me to go ahead and make my phone calls,” Fenwick said. “Call my daughter because I had a newborn grandson and get a picture of him, because that was the only way I was going to get to hold him.” 

Fenwick said he called his daughter, received the photo and told Blake to, “go ahead and f–ing kill me. I have nothing left to lose.”

The 35-year-old fired his gun right by their ears, Fenwick contributed. They said the sound rung for hours after.

Seven hours passed by, Blake and Brady Police went back and forth, according to Fenwick. He said he was able to get out by crawling through a window when Blake asked for a pack of cigarettes.

Once Fenwick got out, he said the Brady Police moved in and were able to arrest him. Meanwhile, when Fenwick returned home, he found his two dogs shaking underneath a bed.

As reported earlier this week, the police officer shot was hit in the bullet proof vest. Police said the officer is okay.

This shooting is under investigation by the Texas Department of Public Safety.