CISCO, Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- Popular Cisco coffee shop Waverly’s recently went on the market, or rather, the property did. Shop owner Sean King said many Cisco locals have approached him to ask if they’re closed, to which he responds, not yet.

“We’re not closing until it sells and more than an end of a book, we’re just looking at passing the torch, and making it the end of a chapter,” King said.

The shop opened in 2012. One of the first of many Cisco businesses that would become the downtown renaissance. King said it was a calling that came after the loss of their second daughter.

“We were shook to our core when we lost our second daughter Waverly and we spent a month in prayer,” said King.

Waverly’s became a place for the people of Cisco to enjoy each others company. Somewhere besides a football game or the grocery store to go and talk.

“We knew this town needed a place for people to connect and boy, have they,” King said.

Throughout the years, many people, like Cheryl Payne, have appreciated this shop. She said Waverly’s was quite a breath of fresh air when it opened in the somewhat ghost town Cisco once was.

“I’d start feeling a little lonesome or something on Saturday and think, you know, I’m gonna go to Waverly’s just get a cup of coffee or something. I walked out of there feeling refreshed and uplifted and I wasn’t lonely anymore. And yet I didn’t know these people,” said Payne.

So when the shop was put up for sale, she said she was quite upset, but understands the need to move on.

“They’ve got those two wonderful kids and Sean has his books, and Kasity (Sean’s wife) her art. I’m just glad they’ve shared 10 years of their lives with us,” Payne said.

King said he is looking to become more deeply involved in his church as a pastor, as well as working on his series of books. His wife Kasity will soon be opening a Faith and Fitness studio for which he wants to support her. While also keeping up with their growing family, King said he’d like to continue working with the city to promote development.

“For anything to thrive, you’ve got to be able to give it that attention, and that calling has just shifted for us,” King said.

Of course the doors will remain open until the building sells. After that, he says the possibilities are endless.

“I would really like to keep the slate clean for the next person to be true to their vision and their dream. So will it be like Waverly’s? I don’t know,” King said.