EASTLAND, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Much of the Eastland County community has been feeling the loss of Ken Knowles, a man known best for his efforts to help his fellow Eastlanders during difficult times.

Knowles was an administrator on the Eastland County Breaking News Facebook page and regularly used that platform to coordinate assistance for those struggling with difficult situations.

“People really cared about him, and he cared about them,” said Knowles sister, Lora.

Knowles is also remembered for his work in the nonprofit Eastland County Helping Others (ECHO). He also found time to become an ordained minister and officiated many local weddings.

“He would cry with me, he would laugh with me and he’d be the first one to tell me, ‘pull yourself up,'” Christi Tucker, longtime friend to Knowles, lovingly recalled.

Knowles and Tucker met during a turbulent time in both of their lives. They would eventually become roommates and help each other out of their difficult situations. He would later officiate her wedding, as well as her daughter’s – it was just one way he loved to be involved.

Ken Officiating the wedding of Christi’s daughter, Michelle

“It just broke his heart to see anyone do without,” Tucker said.

All that kindness would be repaid as the community he held so dear rallied to cover his bills and look after him as he battled with health issues.

“He didn’t want to accept it at first.” Tucker spoke on her friend. “But later, he just broke down crying and he could see the fruits of what he had done.”

Although he died with this selfless nature, his sister told KTAB/KRBC it was not always his way. Lora said, “I think he used to be self centered.”

Young Ken with his two sisters

But the outpouring of so many lives he had touched are proof to her of his life lived well.

“That, he changed… That he did, he became a better man,” Lora accepted.

Knowing he had a good community around to take care of him and look after him, meant the world to Lora.