ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Days after the fire, soot and remains of the Restoration Church of Abilene still swirl through the air. Wally Estrada, Pastor, shared more about this incident.

“It would be Sunday morning, at about 1:30 in the morning. We got a call from the ring alarm,” said Estrada.

He and other members of the church would arrive to find their building up in flames.

Courtesy of the Restoration Church of Abilene

“The attic was pretty much gone. What would be considered our fellowship room was pretty much destroyed,” Estrada explained.

The back of the building has been deemed the hotspot. This is where a portion of the roof caved in.

“You’re heart broken. I mean, going into this week, you know Christmas week, we had a couple special services planned. Of course, Christmas morning. You know, when you realize that you can’t do it, it’s just kind of, it crushes your spirit,” Estrada expressed.

Despite this event, members of the Abilene community are stepping up and making sure this congregation doesn’t miss a beat.

“We’ve had tremendous support. Other churches, other ministries, have reached out and allowed us to use their facilities if need be. Other people have reached out and said they may know someone who has a building, perhaps maybe we can use it,” Estrada explained. “People want to do fund raisers to help us out. I mean, it’s just been a lot of support.”

Courtesy of the Restoration Church of Abilene

That Sunday at noon, the congregation met outside the building to hold a service. Through all this destruction and mess, Estrada said they have found a way to forgive, because what has been broken can be restored.

“We’ve prefaced that already; we don’t want to hold anything against anybody. People are broken and were broken in different ways. But it’s through helping each other and allowing yourself to be helped,” said Estrada. “The very minimum that love can give is the benefit of the doubt and that’s what we teach here. Is to understand and give people the room to make mistakes because were human.”

BigCountryHomepage has reached out to Abilene Fire Department about any new details regarding this case and were told it is still currently under investigation.