GORMAN, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The loss of a loved one, especially a parent, is a difficult time on its own. Through the difficult time, some Eastland County residents have found that thieves don’t often take grief into consideration when looking for items with resale value. A post on a Gorman Facebook group by the family of Gorman local, Rick Brinegar, told an upsetting story.

The post read in part:

“It’s so sad that I have to come on here and do this but the next person that goes out to Rick Brinegars house will be prosecuted!…Everything he has owned is being stolen!…This is our fathers home and the only thing us children have left.”

In the post’s comments, other residents like Wayne Dennis told accounts of similar events happening to them. Dennis recalled just weeks earlier when his late uncle’s home was burglarized.

“I came up here and noticed that the padlock had been removed,” Dennis said.

Dennis, who looks after his uncle’s property, told KTAB/KRBC the padlock to the garage was busted off, the doors to the home were ajar, and his uncle’s things had been moved around.

“Luckily, no- nothing was stolen out of here,” Dennis said with gratitude.

Since then, Dennis said he’s taken it upon himself to install extra security cameras on the property. Though, lamenting that such measures are necessary, as he said, “Gorman used to be the kind of place you could leave your door unlocked.”

Dennis continued, “Every now and then you’ll hear of things being broken into. Usually you’ll see it on Facebook with one of the groups.”

After installing cameras, Dennis said he hasn’t seen any further criminal activity on the property. Though little can be done for cases like the Brinegars, in which many sentimental items had already been lost.

“Somebody in that family still owns that property,” Dennis added. “They have to realize that it still belongs to somebody.”