ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Abilene church missionaries are trying to help Ukrainians flee as Russia’s invasion continues.

Val and Tatyana are missionaries partnered with Southern Hills Church of Christ who live in Ukraine.

“The war is coming closer to this side of the border, and we need your prayers,” said Val.  

They say they’ve been helping everyone that they come across with shelter, transportation, and more as they flee west. 

“Children are tired. Every hostel, every hotel, everything is booked. It’s chaos and people are just in shock,” said Val.  

The couple has been in close contact with Mark Hanner, an elder in the church who says he’s not even sure how much sleep they’ve gotten since the Russian invasion began. 

“Morning, noon, and night they’re helping these families and wives with children and grandparents that are leaving their homes and houses and everything,” said Hanner. 

Val and Tatyana have been traveling with men, women, and children, and say they’re heartbroken to see most men being stopped at the border and staying behind.

“Their concern that they have was more so for the other people than their own safety,” said elder Bobby Lawson, with Southern Hills Church of Christ. 

Elder Lawson oversees the church’s missions program, and although Val and Tatyana are originally from Ukraine, they believe it is their calling to complete their mission. 

“They could have left the country, they have American passports, but they chose to stay and help the other people that are there. That’s just the kind of people they are,” said Lawson. 

Currently, Val and Tatyana say the biggest problems they are seeing are “the food price has gone up, their currency exchange is different, and there’s a lot of shortage of things.” 

Now they are in need and asking for the community’s help with support and prayers.

If you would like to offer help to the Ukrainian mission of Southern Hills, click here.