BROWNWOOD, Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- Kay Dyer has always been an animal person. Which is why she and her husband now have seven pets on their Lake Brownwood land. Three dogs and four cats all living in harmony.

Miss Molly Moo on Dyers Front Porch

“Seven so far, I did see a kitty cat the other day that came up to the door,” Dyer recalled. “I used to work as a vet tech in San Antonio this is kinda what I do. Any animal I see stray I take it.”

Her TikTok Page, Kaydyer1, is filled mostly with the ins and outs of this unusual animal family. Though one peculiar pairing stands out among the rest.

“One day I just saw a cow in our front yard and I was like, we don’t have cows,” Dyer recalled.

After moving from San Antonio, but before moving into their Brownwood home, Dyer and her husband stayed in a family cabin just outside of Coleman with Sipsy, their only dog at the time. But that didn’t stop Sipsy from making friends.

Sipsy and Molly pose together

“She (The cow) was probably not even a year old at the time, and I think Sipsy just didn’t leave her alone because in the beginning. Molly was not too happy with Sipsy,” Dyer explained.

The aptly named Miss Molly Moo made herself at home. She enjoys hanging out on the porch with the rest of the family and playfully rough housing with Sipsy.

A video of Molly trying to get Sipsy up to play is Dyer’s most popular post, with one million views. The comments remark on the absolute love they see between these two different species. Her page follows the journey of life with her animals, but also touches on the loved ones she’s lost.

“My son passed away due to complications of mental illness… So we put him into treatment and a week after, he came home he took his life. It was just too hard to stay in that house with all the memories,” Dyer expressed.

So the Dyers picked up and moved back home, although she said they had no way of knowing that this is exactly what her son Hunter would have wanted.

“My son used to keep a dream journal and we found an entry, I think it was about a week before he passed away and he had a dream that me and his dad found a place at the lake and bought it and they were fishing on the dock and then one day he would tell us how we got here,” Dyer recalled.

Their own little patch of hometown paradise. Far from the difficult memories, but rich with love and light.

Every hike, and trip to the lake, and every time a dog hangs back to make sure his cat makes it home, her family feels just a little bit close and a little bit stronger.

“It adds to the paradise because we know he’s here all the time,” Dyer said. “The move to Brownwood was the best move because it’s just what my heart and soul needed.”