ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Texas is known for its ‘ten-day weather’ and spring break is no exception. The high and low temperatures, as well as gusty winds, have alternated days during the week-long break from the 2023 school year. Supervisor of Conservation at the Abilene Zoo Clay Carbajal said this weather has not dampened visitors during the ‘Wild Days’ spring break event.

“It’s like a Katy Perry song, it’s hot then it’s cold. But we’re seeing the crowds come out regardless,” Carbajal explained.

Crowds have continued to show up where they can, despite the weather, to make the most of the sunny days they have. The Nail family of Lubbock even made the trip down to Abilene to squeeze in all the fun they could before spring break comes to a close.

The Nail family of Lubbock

“This is a huge spot for us when we come this direction, we always like to stop at the Abilene Zoo. It’s just a great place with a lot of really awesome animals… It’s a little windy, but you know that’s not gonna hold us back,” expressed Jake Nail, the father of the family.

While the lakes and swimming pools might not be in use, the footpaths of the zoo are crowded as ever. Families have kept pace with previous years’ attendance.

“Typically in the nine to ten-day run of Spring Break, we could see over 20 thousand people. Very happy to announce that we’re on par to break that,” Carbajal said.

A spring break crowd at Retro World Arcade

Still, some prefer to stay indoors, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay home. Indoor activities like those at Abilene’s Retro World Arcade are seeing a boost in customers as well, according to arcade owner Lione Andrade.

“We have seen a great increase in our steady customer base this spring break. It’s really great not to just see teens and students, but parents as well interacting with their teens and kiddos and doing something fun,” Andrade expressed.

Carbajal said most businesses look forward to that spring break boom each year. Bad weather can rob them of those profits and little can be done to fight back against a poor weather day.

“Spring break really is our time to kind of regain our footing after what can be hard winter months… But the weather could change at a moment’s notice,” Carbajal explained.

Even so, families that spoke with KTAB/KRBC shared that time is precious and they’re determined to squeeze all the fun out of the break, no matter what.