ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – School districts all across the Big Country attended the Region 14 Safety Summit. A training session that prepares administrators for active shooter incidents and other possible threats.

Craig Bessent, Chairman of the Texas School Safety Center and Wylie Independent School District Associate Superintendent of School Operations, said school safety is at the forefront.

“I think all the 1,200 school districts we have in the state of Texas working diligently to try to figure this out. It’s not an easy quick fix,” said Bessent.

He shared that it begins with prevention.

“Trying to figure out after our tragedy at Uvalde how we can move forward… some of the programs we have in intervention mental health school climate, culture, so there’s a tremendous of things that go in you know trying to prevent events helping our kids,” added Bessent.

Craig Miller, retired Dallas ISD Police Chief, said with new safety measures put in place by the state, all school districts will need to meet standards.

“Once every three years, every public school district in the state of Texas has to perform an audit a safety audit of their schools. We are in the third year of the cycle so all school districts public schools and charter schools have to turn in their audits in August of this year,” said Miller.

Patti Blue, Superintendent for Gustine ISD, said it’s harder for smaller districts to have the right resources when it comes to safety.

“Student safety staff safety is huge for all of us and every superintendent in the state of Texas thinks, ‘guys we want to do this we want to take care of this, but we do have limited resources,'” added Blue.

Although with grants from the Texas education agency, schools with limited funds can have the same resources as larger districts.

“That money was given to us to meet the new school safety standards that have been released,” said Blue.

Administrators are bringing back what they learned to their campuses to see what changes they can bring for the next school year.