Abilene, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) Abilene is known as the storybook capital of America, so it’s not a surprise Dolly Parton’s Imagination library made it to the city. An international program created by Parton in 1995 gives books, free of charge, to children under the age of five delivered straight to their door monthly.

This is all in an effort to have them reading at the level they’re supposed to for their age. By the time a child reaches kindergarten, they would have 60 books in their personal library.

United Way of Abilene was able to bring the program to the key city. President Cathy Ashby said she hopes the program can set kids up for success.

“The goal of Dolly Parton’s imagination library is to increase early childhood literacy and kinder garden preparedness,” said Ashby.

The program is free to all Taylor County kids under the age of five, regardless of income.

“We really think putting books in their hands and parents reading 15 minutes a day to their children and they will be so much more prepared to go to kindergarden,” added Ashby.

Courtney Jackel is a local mom of two and a Dolly Parton fan.

“She loves kids, she believes that kids are an investment to this world, and we should invest what we have into kids,” expressed Jackel.

She signed up her son Finn who turns two later this year. Now Finn will get a special piece of mail delivered to their door monthly.

“Kids love getting mail. I mean, that is like, everybody loves getting a special piece of mail delivered to them with their name on it,” shared Jackel.

This program was paid by local sponsors and donors, so every child in Taylor County eligible is able to receive the books.

“You know people in your community paid for that book to be sent to your home for your kid to enjoy and learn about other communities and cultures,” said Jackel.

As a mom, she added that she knows how important sitting down to read a book is for children, as it sets them up for future educational success.

“We have to give them stepping stones to be successful in life. Not everybody can go to college, but everybody should be able to read books and good books,” shared Jackel.

Organizers say they hope the program can increase library use across Abilene. So far, more than 800 kids are signed up for the program. The first book received for all children will be ‘The Little Engine That Could.’

Visit Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library for information on how-to sign-up.