Abilene State Park re-opens with restrictions


ABILENE, TX (KRBC/KTAB) – Following governor Greg Abbott’s plan to reopen the Texas economy Monday, state parks were allowed visitors again.  

“Because I know people just really want to get outside and get some fresh air. So, we’re really happy that we are able to open and accommodate that to a certain extent,” Abilene State Park Superintendent Ryan Hunter said.  

But not without some new restrictions. He says capacity has changed, so get those day passes while you can.  

“And there’s a limited number of those reservations,” Hunter said. “So, it’s important for people to be able to do that before they decide to come out to make sure there’s plenty of room for them to come into the park.” 

He said overnight camping and other similar activities are canceled for the time being to keep an eye on the size of the groups.   

“Like multiple groups shouldn’t be within about six feet of each other,” he said. “And we’re requiring everyone to have some type of a face covering with them while they’re in the park.”   

Excited to get some fresh air, Jim and Alathea Blischke said they traveled from Midland.  

“We’re having a picnic with some friends,” Jim said.  

Friends that traveled from Dallas to meet them half way in Abilene.   

“The only part was we couldn’t hug each other when we came in,” Britette Sherle said.  

But equipped with face masks, and distancing six feet apart, they’re making do to see each other.   

“It’s not easy for anyone”, she said. “Just being able to get together in this way, it lifts your spirits up.” 

Which is exactly what the parks wants to see.   

“And that’s the way that we’re going to continue to operate almost whatever happens if we can keep these limitations in place,” Hunter said.  

The park recommends that you purchase days passes one to two days in advance.

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