Landyn is an adventurous young man who can often be found playing with Legos and creating mass structures for his cars. You might also find him in a pool, out on a lake fishing, or even enjoying a movie in the evening on the couch.

Future of the Family: Landyn, 13

This 13-year-old enjoys going out to eat or having cookouts at home.

He used to love to work on trucks, but he has not had the opportunity in quite some time. Instead, Landyn has adapted and now really loves building model cars and trucks.

Landyn loves to go on bike rides and despite his cool exterior, Landyn has a huge heart. He enjoys playing video games but prefers to have a worthy opponent.

Throughout any typical day Landyn will make you laugh and keep you engaged!

Family Profile

Landyn will do well with a highly structured family who lives in the country.

He will benefit from boundaries and guidance as well as rigorous outdoor activities.

Landyn will do best with a two-parent family where he understands the parents are on the same page and keep a united front.

About Me

“I like cars and I like to do outdoor stuff when it is not too hot outside,” said Landyn. “I like playing games with people.”

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