Know Your Neighbor: Bill Foster

After 33 years spent working in the education field, Bill Foster, a resident of Bangs, Texas has retired.

"I told them when I retired that I wasn't going to get in the rocking chair and watch TV all day. So I've been pretty busy," commented Bill.

Now Bill is living a very different sort of life. He's gone from teaching, to acting in various parts for various TV shows and movies.

"They're long days. They're 12 hour days."

This small town Texan now spends much of his time on the road, and has even had a chance to meet some interesting characters along the way.

"I've got to meet a lot of people in the last year that I didn't think I'd get to."

Just recently Bill finished filming for a series called, "The Son" where he stars as a law man, and even has a few scenes with Pierce Brosnan.

After some time spent with the star, Bill made up his mind.

"He's a super guy. He's just like me and you."

And while all of it is interesting and fun, according to Bill, one of the coolest parts, are the calls from his grand kids.

"They call and say they saw me on TV and that's always fun," he finished.

Going forward, he hopes to star in more westerns and would really love to play a villain at some point. 

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