ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — To walk a mile in Don Muchow’s shoes is more like running 30 miles a day along the highway across the country in hopes of spreading awareness for type 1 diabetes. 

“Originally when I started running it was because I wasn’t particularly healthy. I had a victim mentality for a good 32 years after I was diagnosed with type 1,” said Muchow. 

So his wife, Leslie Nolen, encouraged him to go on walks and then teased him into running. 

“I felt after my first 5k like I had done something good and I’d done it not really by myself, obviously with her help, but I had run every foot of it,” said Muchow. 

He then worked his way up to running longer distances. 

“Somewhere along the lines I got this idea and said, ‘How far can I go?'” said Muchow. 

Now he has run the 850 mile stretch across Texas and is currently running across the United States, accruing a lot of support and sponsors along the way. 

“Our goal has been to find companies that were providing resources that actually made a difference from a type 1 standpoint,” said Nolen. 

That has given Don the opportunity to work with companies that help him stay safe and healthy. 

“That has made shoes that has by now served him for thousands of miles,” said Nolen. 

Don and Leslie encourage people to not let their chronic illnesses stop them from being active. 

“You still can do it regardless of an autoimmune disease like type 1,” said Nolen.  

COVID-19 did delay their race, but as cases have been down, they are continuing the trek and potentially setting the record for being the first person to run from Disney Land to Disney World.  

To learn more about his journey go to donsolo.org