High pressure is the name of the game. This is something usually reserved for July and August but it’s decided to make an early entrance and it hasn’t left since May. The summer season officially begins on June 21st.

Tonight: Warm and breezy. Temperatures stay close to the 80 degree mark as winds start to calm down to around 10 to 20 mph. Skies remain mostly clear with just a few upper level clouds.

Thursday: Hot and breezy. Afternoon temperatures will read right around the 100° mark yet again. Winds however will not be nearly as strong, dropping down to less than 30 mph at their strongest.

Future Weather Discussion: Something that *could* happen but not likely for many are a few pop up showers and storms over the next few days. One metaphor could be akin to trying to workout with a heavy weight vest on or your arm tied behind your back. It’s possible but you’ll have a much harder time doing it than without. High pressure is creating a resistance towards any showers or storms that might try to pop up, but those that do will struggle to do much.