On Saturday the Baylee Faith Foundation held it’s first bazaar, also known as it’s first fundraiser. 
“We’ve got lots for everybody, commented commented Stephanie Myers. 
There were vendors, family, and fun, at the event that was held to raise money to fight childhood cancer in memory of Baylee. 
“Baylee was our 4-year-old daughter who passed away from cancer,” she continued. 
The Myers say that fighting to help others is exactly what their daughter would be doing. 
“I want to continue that spirit of helping other people in any way that I can,” she stated. 
The plan was to raise $10,000 and when I last checked they were nearly there. 
“I’m hoping that we raise enough money to write a grant for childhood cancer research,” she said. 
The Myers additionally plan to continue to support the Baylee house. 
“I’m looking for sponsors to come in with a monthly donation because we want to take over the bills at the Baylee house,” commented Brian Myers. 
The house is a place where families with a child fighting cancer can stay, free of charge. 
“To make their lives, just a little bit easier,” he said. 
Because, according to the Myers, when your child is sick, “They need to worry about their child, not day to day life,” he continued. 
The Myers and their foundation hope to have quarterly events and save other families from going through what they went through.