Tips for staying cool as triple digit heat creeps into the Big Country


ABILENE, TX (KRBC/KTAB) – At the hottest part of the day you can find Santiago Garza right under the sun’s eyes outside working. Because being a landscaper doesn’t always invite the coolest settings.   

“We learn to work with it, you can’t work against it you have to work with it,” he said.   

But with temperatures expecting to flirt with triple digits this week, Dr. Jon turner from my urgent care clinic said professional or not, there’s no secret to staying safe.   

“Pre hydrate. If you get yourself hydrated before you go enter into an activity that is going to take place in the heat, then you’re already ahead of the game,” he said.   

“Along with being hydrated is to have your little snacks like an apple, cucumber,” Garza said.    

Because one thing landscapers know how to do is protect from the sun Dr. Turner said.   

“They’re good about covering themselves up,” he said. “You see them a lot of times, it will be 100 degrees outside, they’re wearing long-sleeves.”   

But while you keeping your skin covered, it’s important to stay attentive to how you feel. Believe it or not Dr. Turner said, the sun can sneak up on you.  

“I think a lot of people forget how intense the sun is these days, but if you just start to feel a little woozy, maybe a little nauseated, profusely sweating, so thirsty that you can’t keep up with your hydrating needs, then you need to removed yourself from the heat,” he said.    

Santiago says they work smarter not harder by taking plenty of breaks and wearing cold towels.

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