ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) — Over the last month, KTAB has brought you the stories of four remarkable women in the Big Country, but there could only be one winner.

The winner of KTAB’s Remarkable Women contest is Tennie McCarty.

McCarty has won a trip to New York to appear on the Mel Robbins Show, which airs March 26 on KTAB.

“Tennie’s story is truly that of a remarkable woman, and we are extremely proud to honor her as our local winner,” said KTAB VP/General Manager Albert Gutierrez. “We are excited and looking forward to having Tennie represent the Big Country on the Mel Robbins show this month. She is just one example of the many remarkable women throughout our area.”

Here’s what some of those who nominated her had to say:

Tennie McCarty is not only my mother, but a friend, a mentor and an inspiration to me and many other individuals. She has been the owner of Shades of Hope Treatment Center in Buffalo Gap, Texas for 31 years, which treats All Addictions with a primary focus on Eating Disorders. What is amazing about my mother, growing up, she suffered with an Eating Disorder, compulsive overeating, in which she was shamed, made fun of and bullied. She used food like many alcoholics use alcohol. She went to treatment for her Eating Disorder 33 years ago and has made it her life’s work to help individuals suffering from all forms of Eating Disorders. She has written a book, participated in a show for the Oprah Winfrey Network, has been on Dr. Oz numerous times as well as other TV shows. She is a pioneer in the Eating Disorder field in which I have had the honor to work with her and witness many miracles in people’s lives. My mother is not only my mother but a support for me in my own recovery from Anorexia. I’m so very proud of my mother and feel she deserves so much recognition for the many years she has suffered in silence in her Eating Disorder, and today living in wellness for the world to see. She is 77 years old and continues to work with clients and many others at Shades of Hope and around the country!!

I nominate Tennie McCarty for remarkable woman of the year. She has impacted my life in the short 5 1/2 years I have known her more than anyone else in my life. I met her when I moved down the street from her. She knocked on my door and walked right into my heart. She was a direct answer to many prayers prayed for over 20 years. My husband had struggled for all of his life with anxiety, depression and pent up rage. It affected our marriage and he was at a breaking point. I was beginning to fear for his life. I was also at the point of a breakdown from holding it all in and weary from searching for answers with no luck. Then I met Tennie, whom I affectionately call “Mennie.” I had no idea she was a much sough after therapist, owned a treatment center, wrote a best selling book, was featured on Dr. Oz show many times and had her own reality series on the Own network. I simply met her as my neighbor. There was an instant bond. We adopted each other as family and became best friends. She soon picked up on the challenges my husband faced. I began to open up to her because I realized she was a safe place. My husband attended a codependency workshop at her center, Shades of Hope. There the healing began. Soon after she felt like he had Asperger’s. She helped guide us to the right help and he was tested. She was right. He was diagnosed at 40 years old with Asperger’s Syndrome. This was liberating and life changing for us both… in a good way. She continued to guide us to the right help and today he is a changed man. I have been working with her at the monthly intensive she and her daughter facilitate, for over 4 years now. I have seen hundreds of people’s lives changed for the good because of this amazing woman. Lives have literally been saved from anorexia, bulimia, drug addiction, alcoholism, codependency, depression, and many other addictions. I am blessed to spend time with her on a daily basis. I know this woman’s heart and she has a sincere desire and passion to help people from all walks of life, no matter what the problem. What is even more amazing is her own story of recovery. She had all odds against her as a child, her she overcame it and became better rather than bitter. She has allowed God to mold her and shape her from her own pain and has become a mighty vessel that He has used to bring healing into the lives of others. She has literally touched thousands of lives all over the world. She is an inspiration to all she meets. She not only brings hope to the hurting, but she helps them to work on their pain and gives them tools to live an abundant life of recovery. The room lights up when she walks into it and she is a daily dose of sunshine in my own life ! Because I have known her, I have been changed for good and there are thousands of men and women across the world who can say the same thing. Tennie McCarty is the most remarkable woman I have ever know.

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